Chairman's Message

Dear friends, 

Myanmar is a green country of tomorrow that embraces the challenges of modernization yet protecting its natural beauty through positive thinking. 

Myanmar needs to be innovative today. It should not repeat the mistakes of many countries before it; nor should it sacrifices the environment, health or happiness of its citizens for short-term economic growth. It needs to avoid the short-sighted “treatment after pollution” approach to development; otherwise, it will be our children, and their children, who have to pay for our mistakes.  

I am truly convinced that Myanmar can become a giant in the new green economy. Enterprises can become caring companies that can actually add value to the environment, educating its people and protecting its fellow citizen workers while addressing the needs of society and meeting market demands. With a new green mindset, the HKMCC is committed to contribute and introduce the most updated international laws; practices; methods and standards into Myanmar which can revolutionize this beloved and beautiful country in many ways yet preserving the conventional and traditional values. 

I sincerely hope that all the social and economics elites of Myanmar will also answer to our humble calling by going “Green”.  A special report dated September 2013 on “The Green Economic Opportunities of Myanmar” is now available. Moreover, another research report of January, 2016 was conducted by the Hong Kong City University, College of Business sponsored by our chamber and the World Green Organisation is also available in our website to share the findings of the new Myanmar with a transformative impact.  

 I am also very grateful to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Jan 18, 2016 in Hong Kong and formed partnerships among United Nations Social Impact fund (UNSIF), Green Capital Group (GCG) and RED Group, to establish the UNSIF-Green Economy Fund and to promote social impact investing in the Asia Pacific region, including Hong Kong, with focus in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The UNSIF-Green Economy Fund is the first global Social Impact Fund formed under UNSIF.   

Please come to join the HKMCC. Be a difference maker that helps developing your business opportunities in Myanmar and together, we can build solid business and cultural ties with Myanmar through meaningful and impactful projects. Thank you! 


Albert Oung 
Founding Chairman